SuOnline Liferay hosting solution features

LifeRay, an enterprise strength CMS, is web application that provides 60 innovative tools for creating websites or building
intranets, even simply getting the right documents and applications to the right people.
All information is centralized in Liferay and therefore users only have to use the portal to get an overview of everything
they need to know. Liferay does this by making use of portlets - small widgets that can interface with virtually any (external)
system and fetch their data into Liferay.

Our hosting services provides optimal hosting solution for CMS platforms like Liferay. Our top-of-the-line web hosting hardware
and network environment coupled with a worldwide content delivery network (CDN), ensure your Liferay Portal and Social Office
application loads quickly and reliably everywhere, every time.

Servers are powerful Virtual Private Servers (VPS), highly optimized for LifeRay.
These VPS'es have fully functional pre-installed LifeRay Portal. Evefything will work as it's on Dedicated Servers with full "root" access to your server.

Everything installed and configured

  • 3 GB RAM
  • 50 GB disk space
  • 300 GB bandwidth
  • 1 dedicated static IP address

All for $35.95 USD/mth with Master VPS hosting plan

5% discount for quarter, and
20% for annual subscriptions
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