J2EE JBoss Web Hosting

JBoss web hosting is supported on all our VPS hosting plans.Get most reliable and
lightning speed VPS account at main backbone.

SuOnline.Net has been providing flexible and reliable java application hosting solutions for the past 10 years. We are known for our Private Tomcat hosting within VPS where each client gets their own private out of the box Apache Tomcat installation on dedicated virtual server and dedicated memory allocation for their JVM heap and permanent generation space.

With a VPS server you'll get full root access so you can configure your own VPS server and your own JBoss server any way you wish to. You can install any version of JBoss you like, or you can chose which version you'd like and we'll install it for you. All accounts also come with free IP address.

This really is the ultimate java hosting solution as it gives you full control, flexibility and independence.

JBoss Features
Stateful Session Beans
Stateless Session Beans
JPA (w/ Hibernate validation)

One-Line-Installation Of JBoss Server

Our VPS hosting plans has prepared RPM packages that'll allow you to install your JBoss with a single command line.

Easy Upgrades per Your Requirements

Have your VPS account upgraded/downgraded with few steps. Post desired plan to hosting@suonline.net and our tech team will take care of it. You do not need to reconfigure the whole server or do any transfers, we just have to modify your allowance limits. If you need an even bigger plan than the ones on offer just contact us and we'll custom design a plan to meet your specific needs.
Hosted On Intel's #1 Processor for Java

For JBoss v4.2.3 we recommend Develop VPS Plan.

For JBoss v5.x, v6.x and v7.x we recommend Master VPS Plan.

#1 solution for JBoss Hosting

Free account/RAM upgrades
Root access for full control and flexibility
Free IP Address
Top of the line servers
All that for only $35.95 USD