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Main task of Web hosting should be placing websites online people can easily access and browse through them. While you are ready with your website, your web hosting company plays a key role in uploading it on the net.There are many of web hosting offering companies in the market, but choosing the right one is imperative to ensure 99.9% of uptime. You will enjoy the flexibility of having access to your Tomcat container with our JAVA hosting solution.
Complete access to your private Tomcat container for adding functionality to your classpath and ability to start and stop your Tomcat container when needed. This is a true genuine JAVA hosting solution, not semi-control panel solution based shared Tomcat hosting.

Please check the JAVA hosting solutions that we offer. We're pride to be one of the best Java hosting companies out there. Web site's not the only role of web hosting, but there's many options available for Web Hosting your website, ranging from simple "domain parking" or email services through to a full scale e-commerce hosting service with real-time transactions.
SuOnline.Net presents an quality Java web host that provides developers a web hosting account that is compatible with the Java framework and supports the use of JSP (Java Server Pages), Servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), and XML.
SuOnline offers several Java hosting plans with Tomcat, Private JBoss and GlassFish on VPS.
Tomcat is one of the most popular Java Servlets, and is what allows the hosting server to compile and serves JSP pages to the viewer. While many developers prefer to host java websites with Tomcat, it does depend on the developer’s needs and requirements.
We provide exceptional support for the Java framework and is highly recommended for hosting any Java based website.
To find out more about SuOnline.Net different Java hosting plans and to help you decide on which one is right for you, visit SuOnline.Net hosting.

Secure Hosting

If you have a site that takes confidential data from your site’s visitors like personal as well as financial information or having a site through which your visitors buy or sell products or services, then privacy is vital for your website and for that you critically need Secure web hosting service. To fulfill this requirement SuOneline is at your service. We present an extensive range of committed secure website hosting services and maintaining in mind the latest e-requirements of modern business entities. SuOnline host your website at highly reliable servers, which can easily handle enormous quantity of Internet traffic. Also, the web servers, on which SuOnline securely host sites, provides high speed connectivity without any disturbance, using optics to backbone and 1GB internal network. We are authorized website hosting company and well-known for our agile and effective web hosting plans and strategies. Our secure web hosting service includes domain registration and renewal, E-commerce web hosting, reseller hosting, email hosting, enterprise hosting and many more. We never ever compromise with the quality of real-time connectivity. Features that you'd consider when chosing out services:
  • Full root access
  • Huge disk space, unlimited email accounts.
  • Completely free domain name registration with annual subscriptions.
  • 24 X 7 technical support.
  • Facility of forums, shopping cart and image gallery.
  • Trustworthy, extremely fast as well as cost effective.
  • Hi-end server.
  • Fast and easy setup within 4 hours from order.

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Java application servers

Tomcat hosting with versions from 4 to 7 running on JDK 1.4~1.7 or JRockKit
JBoss hosting with versions from 4.23 to 7.1
GlassFish hosting with versions from 2 to 3.12

Java supported applications

DSpace hosting
OpenGTS tracking hosting
Liferay hosting
OfBiz hosting

Everything included

JDBC, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, EJB, JSF, JSP, Jasper Reports, JavaMail, ...

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20% for annual subscriptions